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Lawn fertilization Spring Hill FL

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Lawn Fertilization Spring Hill FL

The goal of fertilizing your lawn is to produce healthy, attractive grass that is able to withstand the Florida weather. Fertilization is one of the most basic and important components to maintaining a healthy lawn.

Lawn fertilization directly impacts lawn color, density, uniformity, and growth. Properly fertilized grass can compete with weeds and is able recover from damage caused by environmental stresses faster than grass that has not been properly fertilized.

Your lawn is as unique as your home and we custom tailor your lawn fertilizer service specifically to fit your lawn’s needs. We come out to thoroughly inspect your lawn and professionally assess what your grass requires to thrive. From the fertilizers and equipment we use to the lawn care plan we create, everything is created to make your lawn more impressive than ever.

Anyone who has tried and failed at D-I-Y lawn fertilization can tell you why it’s so important to hire a professional lawn fertilization company to fertilize your grass!

To keep your grass looking great and be the envy of your friends and neighbors, be sure to contact us today!

Weed Control

For most Spring Hill homeowners, the top concern, as far as their lawn goes, is getting their weeds under control. Why is it that no matter how many bottles of weed killer you buy, the weeds just keep growing back? Are you frustrated with D-I-Y weed treatments that don’t work?

Unfortunately, most sprays only kill the plant you spray but doesn’t do anything to prevent new weeds from growing. Some formulas of weed killer are entirely ineffective against different species of weeds. As a result, your spray may only be working to kill some of your weeds and not others. If you pull the weeds your actually helping them to grow by inadvertently dropping or spreading seeds from the weed you pulled, not to mention that you probably haven’t removed the entire root system allowing the weed to grow back.

We offer a convenient and affordable weed control service. At Spring Hill Lawn Service, we make trying to maintain your yard’s invasive weeds a thing of the past.

We use several methods of weed control to stop more unwanted plants from growing, as well as eliminating the ones that are trying to take over your yard right now. Don’t waste your time or money with D-I-Y weed control, stop breaking your back trying to eliminate weeds from your lawn, call us today for a free estimate so you can send the weekend enjoying your yard instead of pulling weeds!

Lawn Disease

A well nourished lawn is the best defense against lawn disease. Lawns that are poorly maintained or stressed are more susceptible to disease. Good mowing and watering habits along with lawn fertilization are foundation of a healthy lawn. Establishing a lawn care program that is designed to not only ensure your lawn looks great, but also promotes good health and growth will make your lawn more resistant to disease. If lawn disease is present, we’ll apply a fungicide to control the spread of the disease, if your lawn is disease free, we’ll apply a preventative fungicide to stop diseases from taking hold in your grass.

The factors that cause lawn disease can lie dormant in your grass just waiting for the right opportunity to present itself. Lawns suffering from drought, being cut too short or too often, and having poor soil can become victims of lawn diseases.

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