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Sod Installation Spring Hill FL

We have the expertise and experience to make your yard look vibrant and new. Spring Hill Lawn Service can transform your property into something beautiful in no time.

Premium quality sod is the solution to dying or dead grass.

A lawn that isn’t lush and green isn’t a good lawn isn’t one at all. If your lawn isn’t well-maintained, or damaged, you won’t be able to enjoy the beauty of your yard and exotic flowers.

Spring Hill Lawn Service can help you avoid this terrible situation. We are specialists in landscape installation. We can transform your landscape with the best sod. For more information, please contact us.

Get sod instead of seeds

Some property owners prefer to grow their own grass. This is a good practice. It can take a while for grass that has just been grown to feel and look the way you want. The longer your grass takes to grow, the more it weighs. Seeds and grass sprouting can also be quite expensive.

Pre-grown sod can be easily maintained by experienced professionals. You will enjoy a stunning lawn in a matter of hours. You can expect premium quality grass from the best growers.

When you call us at 352-269-4848 for a free estimate on sod installation, your call will be answered with friendly customer service.

Types of Sod

We can install different types of sod on your property

Bermuda grass – Bermuda grass is a dense, lush, and deep green lawn. This grass is a premium choice and it’s perfect for extremely hot, drought-prone environments.

Carpet Grass – This low-maintenance grass works well for those on a tight budget. This grass is also able to thrive in low-fertile soils and will sprout perennially once it’s installed.

Zoysia is a versatile variety of grass that can grow in any type of soil and at any temperature. This grass is a natural weed repellent that can quickly recover from any pest attacks.

Centipede – If your soil is sandy or acidic, Centipede grass will be a great addition to your landscape. This is another variety that thrives in low-fertile soils. This grass repels pests to an extreme extent.

St. Augustine – This grass is great for beach homes as it can withstand salty soils. St. Augustine is an excellent choice for thickening and maintaining a grassy lawn that doesn’t get much sunlight.

Here are some reasons Spring Hill Lawn Service is the right choice for your sod installation

  • There are many sub-varieties available.
  • Sod is extremely affordable.
  • All year round, installation, repair, and replacement services available.
  • It is easy to grow and manage our sod.
  • No cost estimates for sod installation

For new sod installation or replacement, please contact Spring Hill Lawn Service.

The way you take care of your new sod will determine its longevity. Our team of landscapers are experts in this area. We are familiar with all kinds of grass and can advise you on the maintenance requirements for your new sod.

Your lawn can be damaged by excessive use. After years of consistent use, your grass could start to fall out or even become brittle. This problem can be solved by replacing old glass with new grass.

The best thing about grass replacement is that it doesn’t require you to replace your entire lawn. It is possible to replace a small portion of your lawn that has been damaged. Give us a call and we will send a team member to your house. They will inspect your lawn and help you install new grass in the area that needs it.

Our service is prompt and professional. For a free estimate on sod installation, call us today

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